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Track finances

Everyone has to manage their finances, but it’s a very time- consuming process. Now there’s a better way. Nix the calculators and spreadsheets.  1787fp will provide a free consolidated view of all your financial accounts. Visualize and monitor your financial accounts − on one easy-to-use platform.

manage investments

Wealthy clients and institutional investors have had access to the best advisors, money managers, and processes for years. Now it’s your turn. Manage your money like the pros, without the high fees from big brokerage firms. 1787fp designs a custom investment portfolio for you based on your goals and tolerance for risk.

monitor credit

Save up to $20, and get your credit score for FREE. Consumer credit scores affect your ability to get a good job, get an apartment, or buy a house. Now you have an easy way to monitor and improve your credit scores! 1787fp will grant you free access to your credit score.



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Track all of your financial accounts − in one place

Forget about using multiple financial websites, logins, and passwords. Nix the calculators and spreadsheets. Want to geek out on your financial planning? We are designing the perfect tools for you.

Manage your investment like the pros

Want to invest like a millionaire but you don’t have a million dollars? We’re building a robust investment platform to help you invest like a boss.


Managing your income, loan payments, and expenses around the clock is a demanding task. 1787fp will integrate all your accounts and provide you with your consolidated financial layout for free.


We offer bank-level security when handling your sensitive personal information. Your personal information is fully encrypted. We use SSL 256-bit encryption and two-step verification.


  1. Simplify your financial life.
  2. Set your financial goals, and start getting some regular accountability on your progress.
  3. Expedite your personal financial review process with one user-friendly mobile app.
  4. Save more money, and work toward financial independence − on your own terms.
  5. Join the 1787fp community, and get early access to 1787fp’s powerful financial tools.
What They’re Saying

“The app looks really solid!

Like a hybrid of Mint and Credit Karma.

Is it as powerful as Mint (super low bar…) at tracking my spending habits and letting me categorize transactions, and seeing a bird's eye view of all account at once.”

Alex Z.

“I must say that this app consolidates all of my financial apps and website info into one. this app is a home run!”

Jessica C.

“I was really impressed with the 1787fp mobile financial app. It incorporated all of my financial portfolios, assets, and expenses. ”

Robert A.

“There’s not a good technology solution that offers all the services that 1787fp offers on one unified platform.”

Cathy V.